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God has Blessings Assigned Specifically for You!

I was having lunch with a mentor (empty place YES we’re practicing social distancing) and food was ordered. When part of the food came my mentor said “no we didn’t order this” so they said sorry and took it back and went to get what was originally ordered. The original order came and as we’re eating the SAME item that wasn’t ordered came back around and my mentor again said “no that’s not what I ordered.” As they walked off I said “Wait! You can leave it right here.” The person said yes because there’s no one in here and it would go to waste. Moral of the story: What’s for you is for you! If you don’t catch the blessing the 1st time God will send it BACK again just to let you know I he had it assigned specifically for you! AND if you’re still unsure God will send people in your corner to be like wait!!! That’s a blessing from God you need to receive it!!! Make sure your circle is tight and that you’re looking for blessings in unexpected places! You shall reap what you have sown!! Period!

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